Fun Times with George

I have recently realized that Sam has learned and is continuing to learn many life-lessons from Curious George.  As we watched George carry around his piggy bank today, Sam decided he wanted to get his out.  So we got out Sam's hand-painted piggy bank that he made while on vacation in Florida and began putting pennies in it.  He made a point to count right along with George, which of course I thought was adorable.

He makes references to George a lot.  We saw some hot-air balloons while we were on vacation and he said "Look Mommy, hot-air balloons like George's".  When he got his chest x-ray in the E.R. I told him to make sure and smile big for the camera (which Ron reported to me afterward that he did say "cheese" and smiled big).  He wasn't scared of the x-ray machine because he remembered that George got an x-ray when he broke his leg.  There have been a lot more learning lessons from George that have left my mind, but I'm sure you get the idea...  :)  Who would have thought a cartoon monkey could teach a child so much?

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