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Pops had to rebuild the floor joists in house #2 where a fire had once damaged the area.  Luke and Laney loved getting down there with him, practically under the house.

Laney loves helping Pops.

Ronzo went out of town for one night...the kids took a sad face picture so that I could show him just how much they missed him.

Uncle Hank and his family were in town.  Although he's not a blood relative, he and Ron are such good friends that the kids are used to calling him Uncle...  Laney got to meet his new son, Miles.

And she got to see his dog, Kaia.  She may have enjoyed the dog a little more...

Laney snuck in to Sam's bed the other night.  So I snuck in to take a picture.  Even after using my flash they still didn't wake up!

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