MDO last day

Luke and Laney finished up on Tuesday.  I tried to get a picture of Luke at his class party without him knowing, but I wasn't sneaky enough.  He saw me right away.

Luke loved Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Barby.  On a side note, Barby's husband was my history teacher in high school.  It's fun to see my kids beginning to have some of my old teachers...

Laney had a water party.  She keeps so busy that I could only get a picture of her up close.

I would run way ahead of her to take a full body shot, and she wouldn't stop walking.

So finally I said "Laney, will you stop for just a second so Mommy can get a picture?".  Here's what she gave me:

She did NOT learn that from me.  Although one of my mom's friends says she has a picture of me at that age making almost the same pose.  We'll see if that photo resurfaces...  :)

Laney enjoyed having Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Missy


Jennifer Banks said...

Penny, Is that Missy Walsh?? not sure married name? She was my sorority sis at SU and best friend's with my other friend Missy.. Love u

BKicklighter said...

So crazy to see "Mrs. Missy" on there - - lived up the street from her when we moved to Birmingham. What fun it would be to drop my little one off with her each week!!