Sam's Birthday

Our little guy turned 6 this past Tuesday. These six years have flown by! Freddie came in town a few days before his birthday to take him out to dinner. I took a picture of him in his Pappy's car right before they drove off. He felt so special.For breakfast, he asked for cinnamon critters. And so we rolled out some dough in cinnamon-sugar mix and gave him eyes with mini chocolate chips. Super easy...and Sam was happy.
I went to visit him at school and brought Snickerdoodles and Brownies for his classmates.
They sang "Happy Birthday" to him quite loudly.
These are his table mates...
And for lunch I told him he could pick to go wherever he wanted. He chose McDonald's. Next time I might say "Anywhere but McDonald's...".
Ron picked out his present. He decided he needed a gun. So this week has been full of target practice.
Happy Birthday, Sam! We love you...

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Amy said...

Happy birthday Sam!