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my stupid dog did this to me. he ran outside to catch a squirrel, and since i was holding his leash it flung my hand into the door frame. now it's several shades of blue and purple.
sam and i went to get his glasses adjusted again. this is beginning to be a monthly occurrence because he and his friends play so rough. we sat on the stairs at the doctor's office, eating our costco pizza slice and hot dog, while waiting for suzie to finish her lunch so she could get his glasses fit just right.
yesterday was the fall festival at briarwood. on a side note, if you listened to rick and bubba yesterday you probably heard them bad mouth the fall festival throughout the show. his kids go to the same school as mine so i identified with what they were saying. it was totally cracking me up!
sam and luke got their hair painted. sam went with red and blue while luke just stuck with green.
we had a really fun time. i was surprised at how obedient they were! they stayed right by me the whole time and made sure to ask permission before running off to do something. (that almost never happens by the way... the Lord answered my prayers for sure...)
i bought laney a pair of furry crocs on clearance about 9 months ago. now that it's getting cold i pulled them out for her to wear. they are just a bit too big, but she loves them and can keep them on without tripping over them. awesome!

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