an afternoon at the cabin

Ron's sister's father-in-law has a little cabin tucked away in the woods. After early church on Sunday, we drove out to "somewhere Southeast of Clanton" for a picnic lunch and other outdoor activities. We parked our cars just off the main road and road Thorne's trailer to the cabin.

Sam and Luke sat on the 4-wheeler for part of the ride.

We pulled up to the quaint cabin with a little pond in the background. It was so cute... until I was reminded a little later on that there was no running water. The outhouse consisted of a 5-gallon paint bucket. Good thing we were only there for the afternoon.

The hammock was so great that Ron and I are convinced we need one.

Laney was trying to find the perfect spot to eat lunch. Every few minutes she would put her Capri Sun in her mouth and chomp down to hold on to it while she picked up her plate and moved to a new place.

Sam took a short nap.

As did Ron. I don't know how safe it is to rest with a loaded gun in your hands. I'll just assume the safety was on...

Luke tried talking us in to letting him drive the 4-wheeler all by himself.

All the kids got a ride on Pop's tractor.

It was a fun adventure. After about three hours of roughing it, we packed up and made the trip back home. The kids are ready to go back again!

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