Pleasant Grove

Pops has been working in Pleasant Grove for the past several weekends. We visited him a few weeks ago and the boys were surprised to see the devastation from the 4/27 storm. Dave is rebuilding a garage for a family whose insurance didn't cover the labor, only the supplies.

He texted me to say he would be working with some extra special equipment last Saturday. I was sick and just didn't feel up to going. So my sweet mom picked up the kids and drove them out to see...

If you look closely, you'll find Baby Doll and Buddy on the fork going for a ride. As I look at this picture, with Laney holding her arms up, I can only imagine she's saying "I want Baby" in her extra cute voice.

Dave used this piece of equipment to assemble some of the framing. Hopefully after next weekend he'll have this job wrapped up.

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