Birmingham Zoo

My neighbor invited us to the zoo this morning. She has a family pass, so we scooted in with her at no cost. That's definitely how I like to go to the zoo: free.

It was so hot and bright out there, I gave Laney her glasses to help keep the sun out of her eyes. She got tired of wearing them and found a good resting spot for them. Where does she come up with these things? :) She is ALWAYS cracking me up.

This weekend is the debut of the Royal Family. We got to see the lions and their five cubs up close as they lifted the gate and fed them some goat milk (that's what is in the spray bottle). Papa lion loved the stuff. The trainer tried giving some to the babies and he wouldn't have it. He growled like crazy and swatted his fist at his cubs. The mama called her babies over so that he could have it all to himself. They said lions are very territorial over food.

It was really amazing seeing such a powerful animal so close.

As I mentioned, it was hot. The kids stepped in front of the mist-blowing elephant for a little refresher. I honestly think the mist evaporated before it even reached the kids. This was the point when we decided it was time for a train ride around the zoo so that we could catch a little shade and cool breeze.

Such a fun morning. Thanks neighbors!!!

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Anonymous said...

Laney, always making us laugh! Cute photos!