the taco truck

ron has been talking about the taco truck for months. he goes at lunch time because it's not a great area of town. but, my curiosity got the best of me, so we took the kids for an early dinner a couple of weeks ago. it was very authentic.real mexican food, served by a real mexican. :)
he has a cooler on the side of the truck filled with pepsis and soft drinks with names i could read.
we got a few pepsis and passed them around. as you can tell, laney loved it!
i didn't get a picture of our dining experience. it was so hot that we couldn't just stand outside and eat. so we cranked up the A/C in the van, lowered the back seats, and sat together to eat. we passed around pepsi, tacos, and tostados. it was a nice food-sharing experience.

the truck is parked at the texaco on valley avenue in case you want to go. i LOVED their tortillas, but had an upset stomach for a good 18 hours after eating dinner. my take: eat at your own risk. :)

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