i've been trying to attract humming birds for a few months now. i realized that ants were crawling up the pole and getting to the nectar within a few hours of placing the feeder out. luckily, my step dad is brilliant and he built a little blockade for the ants.

he attached the bottom of a plastic coke bottle upside down to a metal coat hanger. then he attached a lid from a milk jug under that. he filled in the holes and instructed me to fill the lid with oil. the ants would have to get around the coke bottle bottom first. if they made it around it without falling off, they'd have to get past the oil. needless to say, there are a bunch of dead ants floating in vegetable oil.
but there are just as many beautiful hummingbirds around this feeder almost hourly.
thanks for your ingenuity, dave!

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