learning lesson...in progress

we inherited a small section on the side of our house that had about 8 different kinds of plants, bushes, and flowers. i had grand plans of making it look pretty.i ended up with a nice slab of dirt after a week of hard work.
i wasn't the only one working hard. sam was my little helper, and learned some lessons along the way.

he decided one day that he wanted to tear up one of laney's bows. he thought it would be funny. well, i didn't laugh. i went and emptied out all three of the piggy banks he owned so that i would have the money to replace the item. he told me that wasn't fair. and so began our little lesson on money. ron thought he should work in the yard to earn his money back. over the course of a week, he earned $4. i wish i had pictures of him helping; he was so diligent in his work. quite sweaty with red cheeks, but determined to do what we asked of him.

after his hard work, we talked to him about tithing. he said it didn't sound like something he wanted to do (ha-ha. so funny). i told him it wasn't really an option. i tried to help him see that everything we have is because God has given it to us. so he counted out 40¢. then he asked if $3.60 was enough to buy a new car from "Cars 2". i then taught him about taxes. how he needed to have more money than what the item actually costs so that the government can get their cut. i retold this story to a friend and she died. "you can't teach him all of this at once" she said. oh well, i did. and i think he now understands how important it is to take care of things.

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BKicklighter said...

I love this story.
Good job, Penny!!!
Can I use this with my kiddos?