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We had a huge tree branch leaning over our playset from the storm and we were a little concerned it would fall and injure someone. So we had some guys out to cut it down. I left the kids on the back porch and stepped out in the backyard to take a picture of the climber.When I came back to the porch I found Laney like this...
Thanks to the Briarwood Peddler (a weekly flier members list items for sale) we got Laney a used princess tricycle and Dora kitchen. She's loved both of them!
I think the boys enjoy having their sis ride with them.
Sam had another cavity filled this week. He chose a fuzzy mustache for his prize.
I made a stache for the rest of us and took a pic. This is the only one that turned out. I was so focused on getting us all in the picture that I forgot to smile. And somehow Martha White muffin mix ended up in the picture. Laney is good at snatching things out of the pantry without me realizing.
She's still making her "stink eye" face... and trying to pull bows out of her hair.
We went to see B and Pops yesterday for a bit. Pops works out of town 4 days a week, so he gets plenty of hugs and kisses when he returns.

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