July 4th, installment one...

We had a busy day today, taking in several activities. The first thing we did was head to Papa B's grave. It's been about 11 years since I was at my dad's gravesite. He's not there, so I don't feel a need to go. Praise the Lord that he was reunited with our Savior January 5, 1998 and is home in heaven.
I got to share a few stories with my kids about their grandfather. That he was a funny man with a quirky sense of humor. And that he was a man who loved the Lord and loved his wife and family. And Sam read his tombstone and smiled from ear to ear when he saw his name. "That's where I got my name from, right Mommy?"

As we were leaving, my three kids and Stannon's three kids wanted a group-hug. Precious!

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