iPhone images

Let me start by saying that it's not a good idea to drop your phone in coffee. But if you do, take the advice of your loved ones (in my case, my step-dad) and put it in a bag of rice for a day or two. It'll dry that sucker up in no time.

Somehow, I ended up with this screen shot of my phone. Since I'm sharing my phone images, I thought I'd throw this one in as well. This is what I get to look at every time I reach for my phone. Ron took it at the circus right after we moved to Birmingham. Love it!

The neighbors came over for some water play. They enjoyed cooling off with their Capri-Suns.

This girl is a riot. She woke up this particular morning and wanted to dress herself. After trying on several pairs of shoes, adding her "church necklace" (as she calls it), finding a lei to throw around her neck, and using a blue cloth as a belt, we were on our way to Five Guys.

This is definitely a low point for us; a certain brother might have accidentally (or purposefully) given her a shiner. Laney, you're a tough cookie...

Luke went to a friend's birthday party at the park. He enjoyed the cupcakes.

He also enjoyed being one of only a few boys there and getting lots of time with the ladies.

We went to see Cars 2 a couple of weeks ago. Although the movie was made well, I wouldn't suggest it for younger kids. Too much violence and adult humor for me... After the movie, Ron and I took the boys to eat at a Japanese steakhouse. Luke was in awe of the chef. Sam had been once before, but even he was entertained. Surprisingly, they ate a lot which made it a success in my eyes.

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