We went to the local Clinton Mexican restaurant, Margarita's, before heading out of town Saturday night. Laney was smitten with me and Ron. It's not often that she sits in between the two of us. But the boys were on the other side of the table with their wonderful grandparents. She kept putting her hands up our sleeves...
And she kept grabbing our arms and hands to hold them. Here she is giving us her stink eye for the picture.

I have never seen a child so drawn to a loved one. Sam ADORES his great grandmother, Baba Dee. He always wants to sit by her or be in her lap whenever he has the chance. It's a beautiful thing.

The staff brought out the sombrero and we got a huge kick out of the "show". Christine ended up with whip cream on her face. The picture is blurry, but it captured the moment so I couldn't pass it up.

The kids got to help her eat her birthday dessert.

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