Christine's Surprise Party

All of us got together in Clinton to surprise Christine with a birthday party. She turned 60, and we figured it was a good reason to throw a party. We invited family, church friends, and Bunko friends and had a great turnout. Even Debo and Baba Dee came over from Louisiana.

Jackson enjoyed lots of lemonade; we weren't paying enough attention to keep the kids away from the goodies.

Robby showed off his new baby girl.

Susan was our lookout specialist.

Christine was surprised, to say the least. She saw all the cars down the street while she was pulling in to the driveway and told Bekah "It's so nice to see our neighbors having some friends over". Little did she know...

She immediately turned around and tried walking away.

But Rebekah was there to escort her in. She had "gone shopping" with Christine to give us time to decorate and welcome the guests.

I love Laney's hand on the side of this picture... she sure got her share of icing!

...and more icing.

Jackson told me he was a giant, so I bent down low and took a picture to show him how big of a giant he really was. Cute!

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