i was quite optimistic yesterday. i decided ahead of time that i would make bread (for the first time in about 4 months) and make colorful pancakes. making bread is about a 4-hour process with all the mixing, rising, punching down, rising again, baking, and cleaning.

the pancakes were a success. the kids loved them.

only thing i didn't consider is that while i was busy making a mess in the kitchen for four hours, the kids were busy making a mess in the rest of the house.

sam decided to "be" Wall-E. if you've watched the movie, you know his job was to clean up trash. so sam starts going around the house with pretend robot arms pretending to pick up trash.

what he was actually doing was picking up all the little boxes filled with toys that were stacked so nicely on their target toy rack and dumping them out. yes, he dumped out toys throughout the house. somehow in his sweet little mind dumping out toys was equal to Wall-E picking up trash. i know, i don't get it either.

so i pulled out my swiffer sweeper and just gathered all the toys in a big pile. it gave me an idea: garage sale items. so we're spending the next day or so getting rid of a few toys.
hope your day was as crazy and fun as mine!

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