St. Patty's Day Party!

My awesome neighbor held a super party today! She invited a few girls and their kiddos over from Sunday School. She had an obstacle course which involved going through tunnels, climbing over tables, jumping over obstacles, sliding down the slide, running around a little track, jumping on the "Lucky Charms" (drawn with chalk on her concrete porch), and climbing under a tarp kind of like I would imagine a soldier doing in boot camp. It was great fun!
Every child managed to wear green, along with all the moms, so no one got pinched. :)

She made some great snacks, like this marshmallow on a stick. It was covered in yummy white chocolate and sprinkles.

The kids made a fun craft: rainbows with a pot of gold. We ate a yummy hot dog lunch and even decorated cookies for dessert.

Laney gives this look often...

She thoroughly enjoyed playing in the bird bath. Little stinker was even smart enough to make her way to the sloped side and drink the water from the bath. Gross! I immediately put an end to that.

What fun! Thank you Erin for hosting a fun morning. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone...

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