Tube and Adenoid Day

Our little Laney went under the knife again for her second set of tubes. She has continued to get ear infections over the past year. Her tubes came out over the past few months and the poor thing has had fluid in her ears constantly. She even failed her recent hearing test due to all the blockage. So they went a step further and removed her adenoids as well. We scooped her up out of bed and got to the surgery center at 6am.
She didn't mind getting her blood pressure checked. Those are the cutest little bp cuffs I've ever seen. She loved roaming the halls in her pink car. By the way I loved the Children's Health facility. They had plenty of cars and toys for the kids to play with. The kids were allowed to have fun and roam until it was time for surgery. She didn't want to stop playing so that the nurse could listen to her heart. She gave her "the look". :)

After surgery, the nurse brought her to us and she was pitiful. She wanted to cough, but it hurt so bad that she couldn't. Her poor throat was sore from the breathing tube. She asked for Daddy right away so he held her tight.

After a morning nap she made her throat better by enjoying a popsicle. She had 5 of them today. She's spoiled I guess. She looked pitiful until noon, but quickly bounced back and has had a great day. Thanks for your prayers!

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