iPhone images

So here are a few pics I've taken on my phone. This first one is from the morning we left for Disney. I took this picture early in the morning when I gave the kids the monster bags I made them (stuffed with crayons, paper, and other goodies).
Luke and Laney. They have such a special friendship.

Sam, Luke, and the neighbors decided they would play with their shirts off last week. Oh well, boys will be boys...

I didn't stage this at all. Sam and Luke were so giddy while we were eating dinner at Baumhower's. They were leaning in and kissing each other over and over, laughing with such giddiness. I had to press the button on my phone a second or two ahead of time due to the delay. I finally got one picture right in the middle of a pucker.

This is Ron's favorite thing that Luke is doing. When he waves or tells you something, he sticks his hand up like this. It's so cute...

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B said...

Penny, one thing for certain, there is no way to pick favorite pictures you post, they are all so good!!!! Guess it is the camera??:):) Naw, I know, the subjects are what makes the postings so special. Thanks, B