San Antonio

After a crazy 24 hours, we were finally on our way to San Antonio Friday at noon. Our Thursday afternoon flight was cancelled due to a certain southern snow storm. Then we showed up at the airport Friday morning for our second attempt to fly and it was cancelled also. After hanging out at the airport about 6 hours, we boarded a plane for our two day getaway. All this waiting meant that Ron was able to catch up on reading his Bonhoeffer book; I couldn't pass up taking a picture of him sitting at the kids' table in the airport.
We checked in to our resort, dropped our bags, and immediately began our short walk to dinner. We met Hank, Gus, and Brian at Casa Rio, the first business to open on the river and the first to offer the riverside dining experience. Let me tell you, the food was delicious!

I had to get a picture of Hank being Hank. We love you...

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