Circus Day at school

Briarwood had a circus-themed day for all the K4 kids. I volunteered to bring cotton candy. Does anyone know how hard it is to find cotton candy? And did you know that one store didn't have it because it wasn't in season? That made me laugh. It's not like we're talking about strawberries or cantaloupes. Cotton candy should always be in season if you ask me. I found it at the Dollar Tree in case you're wondering. It was about the 7th store I checked on.

Sam wanted to dress up as a clown. Being a last-minute mom, I was sewing construction paper on a white shirt at the breakfast table 15 minutes before we were to leave for school. I decided his plaid pajama bottoms would work for pants. We taped some red paper to his nose and Voila! he was a clown.

Mrs. Darden dressed up too. She is the BEST teacher...

Sam's class:

Sam's best friend Jacob wore flannel pajama bottoms too. Jacob's mom and I were so happy. Both boys were a little embarassed going to school in pajamas; it worked out great that they had each other's back.

Benny Parks did a great juggling act. I was very impressed. He used it to share the gospel with the kids. He took bites out of the apple while juggling! Talented guy... The apple represented our sin, so he did fun things like telling the kids to kick the habit of sin while he kicked the apple. He ended up eating the whole apple to get rid of sin. I don't know if it was really theologically correct, but it was close enough and made a great impression on Sam.

Sam and Kelly

Sam and Finley

Sparkles the clown

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