to the mall

erin and i took all 5 kids to the mall for a fun outing the other day: pictures with santa, a ride on the carousel, and chick fil a. it was fun (except for the 45 minute line we waited in to see jolly ole' saint nick). and sam was a complete angel while talking to santa. last year, when asked what santa was going to bring him for christmas, he replied "santa's dead". whoops. so we tried explaining it again this year. the "real" saint nick has passed on, but people still like to pretend. so let's don't tell anyone that "santa is dead" this year.
i didn't get a picture of luke on the carousel. i was trying too hard to keep laney from falling off. she often pokes her lips out when she's trying to talk. here, i imagine she's trying to tell me how beautiful the lights are...
i took a picture of sam and laney in the mirror across from us. how sweet to see her hand holding on to him.

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