The Minister's Treehouse

While we were in Crossville, we decided to check out what might be the largest treehouse in the world. It's 10 stories tall and was built by a minister who said he "had a vision" and God showed him how to build it. He says he has 40 more years to go before it's complete and hopes to live that long.

Horace Burgess started building the treehouse in 1993. And I can tell you after going up it that it is NOT to code. Over half way up, I looked down at the "floor" and noticed the 2 x 4's were not at all correctly attached to the floor joists. I quickly decided I had had enough. I grabbed Sam's hand even tighter and told him we were heading back down. Ron, Freddie, and Luke came down as well. We were all nervous we'd fall through at any moment.

There is a church inside the clubhouse. As scary as it is, Ron thought it would be an amazing place to worship our Lord.

Here's a view coming down the stairs. The boards along the wall were signed by all the visitors over the years.

As we were leaving the property, I saw this beautiful setting with the horse and red barn.

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