Fairfield Glade

I realize I haven't said much about where we vacationed. We stayed at Fairfield Glade in Crossville, TN. It was a great vacation. F. G. is a golf course community, that's about it. It's exactly what we needed this time of year. No deadlines or projects to get done. Just spending time with the family.

The kids enjoyed watching the Chronicles of Narnia on the laptop.

Laney worked on her typing skills.

The boys (and I) watched football.

And then there was exercising. LOTS of exercising. Ron was in heaven getting to go to the gym twice a day. He even let Laney help him with sit ups.

This was our home for 5 days.

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Ashley Turnbull said...

Hey P! Sounds like a fun vacation - heck, anything to get out of town works for me :-) Glad y'all had fun. And, I think your pics are getting better and better! Way to learn that camera!