Sam's weekend at the beach

Sam went to the beach with Grandee and Pappy this weekend. They had beautiful weather. It's always nice when grandparents can have some time with just one of the kids.

They came across a cool sand turtle.

Sam made a point not to get his clothes wet.

Buzz Lightyear made an appearance at the pumpkin contest.

Buzz also made a new friend, his build-a-buddy alligator. (Sam is convinced it's a dinosaur.)

I'm a little jealous of the view they had from their balcony.

There was this little cutout in their suite. From what Grandee said, Sam enjoyed sitting up there often.

You may notice his patch. The ophthalmologist has decided to try a patch 4 hours a day for the next 3 months. We'll go back in mid-January and see if his eye is stronger. He's done great wearing it. We made a chart. He gets to put a star sticker on each little box after an hour of wearing it. 5 stickers get him a miniature Twix bar. This comes out to a tiny Twix every other day. Don't judge me for this. Incentives are good for my little Sam.

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Denise said...

Since the Halloween candy has been out, I've been giving myself little incentive Twix bars. I'm a little concerned though b/c I'm getting more than one tiny twix every other day......
Hope the patch works - love you, miss you! Love all the blog posts!
take care,