Sam's first field trip

Sam went on his first field trip today to the Hargis Pumpkin Patch. He was so excited!
He got to ride a bus for the first time. He rode with the beautiful Kelly.

Right after he threw the straw in the air he was informed not to throw the straw in the air. Whoops.

This guy had everyone's attention, especially Sam's. He was studying him closely.

Sam and Owen loved the big rock.

The kids got hand sanitizer after the hay ride. Something about that makes me laugh.

Georgia, Allison and Nikki warmed the dogs and roasted marshmallows for the kids.

I had to leave a little early to go get the babies. I paused to take a picture of the lake on my way out. I have SO many memories from Hargis. It's where I went to camp every summer. I remember the lake seeming so much larger than it really is. This picture doesn't show the whole lake, but it shows enough to capture some of it's beauty.

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