sweet siblings

Sam's teacher Audrey took a few pictures of the kids last week. She has two websites if you want to check her out. One has some contact information while the other has more personal stuff. She did a great job of capturing the kids in their truest forms. There weren't too many fake smiles, just kids being kids. I love that... The rest of the pictures from the shoot are on my Picasa Album if you want to see them.


susan said...

I'm going to contact that photographer. I wonder if she would work in the Ham?

Little Sammy Keith, err, Luke looks adorable. Sam looks so sweet. And so does Lainey. You make purdy babies, girl.

annaj said...

Such great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are wonderful. Three truly great children.Can't with for ya'll to get down here so we can see them more. AWilliams