Laney is 11 months

Laney Grace hit the 11 month mark on Monday. She's crawling everywhere and getting into everything. Then whatever she gets into goes right in her mouth. Sam and Luke weren't as fascinated with putting things in their mouths. She tasted sand and grass for the first time this past month. But paper is still her all-time favorite.

She is spending a lot more time standing up. I lifted the window to get a whiff of the new ligustrum I had planted. She crawled over and pulled herself up. Her brothers joined her and they stood there together looking outside.

Once she's gotten tired of standing, she does this funny squat thing. She'll go up and down 4 or 5 times and then slowly sit. It's pretty funny...

Happy 11 months Laney. We love you!


B said...

now why are we in Scotland??? Great to hear about the chair and the children, not necessarily in that order either. :) Love , B

Anonymous said...

Okay, is it my imagination or is Laney looking cuter from Scotland? Must come from a real precious clan. Man I wish I worked in Huntsville (but don't tell B). This is such a fun stage.

Love Pops