What am I doing?

What have I gotten myself in to?

Somehow I've ended up on the 5-person board in our neighborhood.  I'm getting emails left and right with subject lines like "for your eyes only".  I'm also on the Architectural Control Committee.  No one stepped up, so I volunteered to draft a letter to one of the homeowners letting him know he can't extend his driveway for the sole purpose of parking his boat.  Oh my...what am I doing?  I'm in over my head.

On another subject, I extremely enjoyed Denise's post on things you put on the blog that normally wouldn't leave your "inner circle".  Denise, just so you don't feel alone, I'll share something from yesterday that I normally wouldn't post about...  I'm outside with Sam and Luke playing and Sam needs to go potty.  Instead of taking the time to clean off and head inside I told Sam to go outside.  Little did I know he would have so much fun!  He shot it so far he adorned our house then yelled while giggling crazily "Mommy, I peed on the house.  I got the house dirty!"  He's too much sometimes...

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susan said...

What's the point of being a little boy if you can't pee on stuff? You'd really be doing him a disservice if you didn't allow that SOMETIMES. That's my opinion.