Thank you Denise!  ☺

I called my friend Denise to see if she had experienced what I was now experiencing... Luke is at the stage where he thinks he can walk and get around okay but instead is constantly falling down and bumping in to things.  A couple of days ago I cried to Ron about how I can't even read a book to Sam without having to tend to Luke.  It will probably be a few more weeks until Luke is walking good on his own.  Until then I feel like I don't have a chance for much quality time with Sam.

So she mentioned putting Luke in a pack-n-play or his bed for a few minutes.  Throw in some toys and he can have play time while I spend a few minutes with Sam.  I tried it and we all enjoyed it.  Sam and I got to read and play a few minutes until he got distracted by Luke's giggling.   Luke was having so much fun playing and laughing that Sam decided to join in...so they both ended up in Luke's bed for playtime.

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The Browns said...

So glad this worked! The other extreme is when you can't finish the book because he's so distracted by Luke's wailing, not giggling. :) Just keeping it real......but most of the time this works beautifully! Here's to lots and lots of reading!!