for my brother (and a few others)

We've lived here a little over 2 months and some friends and family have been asking for me to post pictures... so here it goes.

The front of the house is a little deeper in color than pictured.  I had to lighten it up because of the shadows.

My kitchen, which is painted a light sea-foam green.

Our bedroom... thanks to a ton of help from my mom-in-law Christine, we made most of the curtains in the house.  This was my first attempt at pinch-pleat curtains.

Newbie's room...  The curtains and bedding are a toile with yellow, pink, blue and green. They have bunnies and etc.  I still need to make a bed skirt.

Sam's room... we got him some grown-up bedding and I made these burlap curtains.  He has cool train sheets which he likes.

Our main living area... I love how these curtains turned out!  And the art is inspired by David Bromstad's work...it's growing on us.  ☺

Thanks to tedious work by my sister-in-law Rebekah, here is our finished shower curtain.  I trimmed the towels with the same material to bring it all together...


B said...

Penny, you did a great job of taking pictures that show the house well. Your projects with the help of others turned out great! Love, B

Anonymous said...

Penny, I love the house. It's beautiful. What fun! Where's Luke's room? Kathy

Penny said...

I guess I should have posted a pic of Luke's room. I didn't make anything in there so I didn't even think to post a picture. I'll get one up tomorrow so he isn't left out... :)