Thanksgiving in Birmingham

We spent a couple of days in Birmingham for Thanksgiving.  As usual the food and fellowship was great and the cousins had a good time.  Even Luke got in on a little tickle action...

The kids ALWAYS want tattoos when we come to town, so here is the result.  Sam's feet are so ticklish that all he ended up with was half of a circle.

I'm rather proud of the turkey I did for Anne Madison.  Not too long ago the girls wanted a pink flamingo; they ended up with a four-legged flamingo because I sorta' forgot flamingos only have two legs.  Look, it's a turkey with 2 legs; what a success!

Right before lunch the kids sat at their table and prayed...what a sweet moment.

Fun times under the blanket.

Thanks to B and Pops for hosting us.  We had a great time.  We love you!

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