I got to the airport one summer day around noon planning to land in Boston at 5:20 eastern time too see my friend, Stacey.  I loaded and unloaded the plane three times before they finally figured out that the hydraulic system on the brakes didn't work!  Yikes!!  We would have landed ok, but we wouldn't have stopped.  During the 6 hours it took them to figure this out, I made my way to the airport hangout a couple of times...if you know what I mean.

I was excited to finally be getting on a different plane that would take me to visit Stacey in Boston.

My day caught up with me around midnight during a layover and I was ready to be there!

I had a nice visit with Stacey and her friends Friday night at dinner.  After that, we went to her friend's rooftop (which just happens to be across the street from Fenway) and enjoyed nice conversations and a pool with color-changing lights.  Loved it!

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