Hot Air Balloon Festival

I decided to take the kids to Alabama Jubilee in Decatur on Memorial Day weekend.  Ron was on call and had to stay in Birmingham.  I remembered thinking I was either brave or stupid...I'd find out which one afterward.  Ended up being a combination of both.

We got there at 5 and quickly found a shady spot to eat our dinner.  By 5:45, we made our way over to the line to ride the tethered balloons.  (The rides were starting at 6:30.)  After waiting in line 2 hours, we finally climbed aboard for a 3 minute ride.  The kids were GREAT!  They played with other kids nearby in line and didn't fuss much at all.

By 8:30 we were stopping at a gas station for a little snack and bathroom break before heading home.  Then I realized I had locked my keys in the car.  These are the faces of my sweet kids patiently waiting for AAA to come rescue us.  But wait...after 20 minutes of waiting I found my keys in an obscure pocket in my new pants.  We pulled in to the driveway around 10:30 and were so glad to be home.

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