Family Fun

Last Saturday, I took the kids to the pet store for them to each pick out a new Beta fish.  I still don't know why I thought this was a good idea...  The new fish were given names.  Sam named his "Gilgram" because he knows of a super hero who has gills.  Luke named his "Super Fish" because his fish is awesome.  Laney named her fish "Laney Scooper" because I wouldn't let her name it "Poopy Scooper".  ☺

After rest time we went to dinner at Urban Cookhouse in Homewood then hopped over to Steel City Pops.  We had not been to Steel City before, but kept hearing how great it was.  They have "designer" popsicles, made fresh in their shop.

Everyone had one...and everyone had fun.

Then we went to the BJCC to watch the Mountain Brook Spartans play Huntsville's Sparkman High for the 6A basketball state championship.  We wore our Spartan Swag and made it through the whole game.  We left with about 3 minutes to go since Mtn. Brook was up by 20 points.

Luke really enjoyed it since he had just finished his first season of basketball.

Laney and Sam even found to snuggle!  I was amazed at how nice they were being to each other.

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