It's Christmas Time

We've been very busy lately...and so has my SIL, the photographer.  So to keep her from having to book another photo session, I set up our tripod and took our family picture.  ☺  She could have done much better than me, but it'll do for this year.

We decorated our Christmas tree last week and Sam enjoyed finding his ornaments from previous years.

Laney was mostly naked, as always...

And Luke found a sweet little ornament that barks a Christmas song.

We have carried on the tradition of giving a special ornament to each member of the family to sum up the previous year.

Ron- a glass ornament from the beach representing his running success
Penny- a bird ornament since I'm slowly getting in to birding
Sam- a Cub Scout ornament since he started Cub Scouts
Luke- a soccer ball ornament because Luke loves soccer (and all other sports)
Laney- a ballerina ornament since she started ballet this year

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