Christmas Day

My family came over for lunch on Christmas day...it ended up being a wonderful, laid back visit.  We moved the party up a few hours thinking we were going to have bad weather.  Instead of everyone having to rush home, we enjoyed the afternoon together.  It was great!

My brother had us all laughing out loud with all the pictures he took on his phone.  These are just a few of them...

I love how Sam is not paying a bit of attention to what's going on behind him; he's just excited to show off the Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo Angry Birds.

My brother and SIL gave each of my kids a special keychain.  Luke was happy to get a camera...

And of course, time with the cousins wouldn't be complete without the girls spending time together alone.  ♡

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Keri said...

Love the pictures your brother took! Those are too funny! If that is an app he is doing that with...I need that!
Hope you guys had a great Christmas!