I have new neighbors!!!

Oh my goodness!  Surprise, Surprise!  My mom and step-dad bought a house two doors down...

We had hoped and prayed this would happen almost a year ago.  But the Lord closed the door at the time and I thought that it would never happen.  But without my knowledge (and without my mom's knowledge) my step-dad went under contract again...and again...until he got the house.  B and Pops closed last Friday and they are officially our neighbors!  We had a great weenie/marshmallow roast on Saturday thanks to their new place coming with a nice fire pit.

We even followed it up the next day with some pumpkin decorating.

We've had so much fun this week walking over to the house (sometimes up to four times a day) and checking in on their progress.  They have a few big projects before moving in, but we're excited that we will eventually have them as neighbors!

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