Tennessee vacation

We took our second annual trip to Wilderness at the Smokies and it was just as great as we remembered.  Our room overlooked the course...the kids loved watching the golfers.

Laney loved life, as usual.  She has been cracking us up lately.  Funny girl!  A not-so-funny thing happened on vacation.  I could try to give you the short version, but there's too much emotion behind this story.  I had just gone down a water slide and was waiting for Laney to come down afterwards.  Parents go first.  The life guard on the top lets the child go when the life guard at the bottom is ready to catch.  Well, an idiot guard who wasn't paying attention and on his 3rd day of the job realized Laney went down the slide.  He tried getting my attention, but I thought he wanted me to get the guard at the bottom so that she would be ready for Laney.  So I'm walking away from the slide when I hear my sister-in-law screaming "Laney's under water".  My baby girl had been under water...I don't know for how long.  Maybe 20 seconds?  I'm looking for her everywhere.  Can't find her.  All of a sudden I see a little head on the other side of the pool; a strong current had brought her back to the top of the water.  I swam over as fast as I could and scooped up my little girl.  And I held on to her for what felt like forever!
I'm just glad that happened the day before we left, rather than early on...  Got the kids cleaned up and we tried to pretend like it never happened.

When we got back home, B and Pops were ready to see the grandkids.  They came over for a short visit...

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