Luke's first days of school

Luke had a short orientation to K4 on Monday.  John, his buddy from MDO, is in his class.  They enjoyed playing together.

Luke's teacher is Mrs. Darden.  Unfortunately, she is recovering from surgery and won't be back for a few months.  So in the meantime, Julia Shirley will be his sub.  She appears to be wonderful!  Luke was so excited to get a real school bag just like his big brother.

Luke found his spot at his table on the first day of classes Wednesday.  He colored a heart for me and used his very own scissors to cut it out.  He's so proud of his school supplies.

I picked him up in the carpool line; he looks like such a big boy.  His escort to the car, TK teacher Mrs. Leonard, told me that their short conversation included him telling her "I had an awesome day!".  Sweet...

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