iPhone images

i saw this beautiful thing walking in to sam's pediatric ophthalmologist's office a couple of months ago.  after researching it, i found that it's an american five-lined skink.  i told the boys all about it since they weren't with me.  crazy enough, me and the kids had to run by there a couple of weeks ago and it was there again.  they were so excited to get to see it in person.

we've had lots of fun this summer with the doss's.  leah has invited us over several times and we have loved playing with them in their pool.

luke was diagnosed with asthma, so we're learning a little about breathing treatments and taking care of our little guy.

i took the kids with me to get an oil change.  it may have been their favorite thing this whole summer.  they've never seen a car "lifted up" like that and they loved it.

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