The Youth Barn

The Barn officially opened last month and I realize I never posted the pictures.  Briarwood was given an amazing opportunity by being offered the old Scrushy property for a really low price; it's where he had his barn and one of many extra homes.  The Barn has been transformed over the past 6 months and is amazing, while the house has a ton of offices for the youth and other ministries.  The goal of the barn is to equip and reach teenagers in the Birmingham area for Christ.

This is the view of the barn from the second floor of the house.

Scrushy had a NICE wine cellar in the basement.

Picnic tables are along the back side of the barn.

The youth will have a great place to meet.

And great places for hanging out.

There are even ping-pong tables when you walk in the front door.

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BKicklighter said...

THANK YOU for posting these. WOW. Sure makes the room on 280 seem a bit small!!!