Melissa's Baby Shower

My sweet step-sister is pregnant with her first child...a baby girl.  We prayed fervently for her as she and her husband went through many tough times trying to get to this point.  Laney and I were so thrilled to be a part of the celebration last weekend.

My mom and I made the diaper cake, stuffing it with all sorts of goodies.

Laney was enamored with the fireplace and all the many presents.

Melissa LOVES Chap Stick.  Her mom gave her a Chap Stick pouch that can be clipped near her while she's in the hospital.  She thought it was funny...   but then, of course, Laney wanted some Chap Stick.

Laney's gift was a "my first baby doll" similar to hers.  She immediately borrowed it from Melissa, crawled in my mom's lap, and got comfortable while sucking her thumb.

I made a newborn dress for her little one, matching the outfit Laney was wearing.  I didn't get a picture of the dress, but I did catch Melissa's expression while opening it.

This blanket was made by a missionary who had stayed with my mom and step-dad for a conference last year.  When Melissa's dad told her about their struggles getting pregnant, she shared a similar story.  She was never able to have kids of her own.  She went home and knitted this for Melissa, for the day when she would have a bundle of joy to wrap it in.  It brought tears to our eyes...

Melissa had her mom and mother-in-law there celebrating as well.

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