McGuffee Family Reunion

We had the McGuffee Family Reunion last weekend at Jimmie Davis State Park in Chatham, Lousiana.  Ron's mom, aunt, uncle, grandmom, and many more McGuffees met for a good old fashioned fish fry on Saturday.  We got there Friday night in time for a little visit to the park's beach before dinner and bedtime...

There's something about throwing rocks in the lake.  The kids just ate it up!

The boys enjoyed riding their bikes...

Sam just loves Baba Dee.  They've always had such a special relationship.

The kids had a blast pouring water over the dirt/sand and building little sandcastles.

Luke and Laney were so attentive during the fish fry.  They'd never seen that much fish before!

Here we are again with the boys throwing rocks.

The kids ate a little, but were ready to get back out and play.

By this time, my kids were pooped.  They sat in their lawn chairs enjoying desserts.  We made our way back to the cabin for a little nap.

After nap time, we went to the beach again.  The puddle jumpers came in handy, giving them the freedom to swim and bob in the water all by themselves.

Grandee got a birthday cake for all of the June birthdays, which included her, Laney, and Baba Dee.

We even got to stop for Johnny's Pizza on the way home... a Louisiana favorite!

And if that wasn't worth the trip, we passed by the Duck Commander and snapped a few pictures.  We enjoyed watching this season of "Duck Dynasty" on A&E, so I was beyond excited to see the property in real life.

The weekend went smoothly and we packed in a lot of fun!  Memories were made...

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