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This morning, 4 families went in together and held a yard sale.  While we sat outside trying to sell our junk, the kids enjoyed lunch in the garage.  Although it was a little warm, I enjoyed the time with friends.

Outside my kitchen window...the county got a head start on trimming the trees before another tornado strikes.

I planted Petunias the other day.  Luke and Laney were so kind to help me pull weeds in preparation.  And they were actually a big help!

Luke LOVES golf.  So every day consists of him going outside to practice.  Laney likes to cheer him on...

The kids loved playing at the Colonnade fountain.

I bought the kids a new table and chairs at IKEA because they outgrew the other one.  They have "committee meetings" for kids only...

Herman, the bearded dragon.  He's the mascot at the Vestavia library.

Sam and Luke got their fingers pricked at the doctor's office a couple of weeks ago.  Such big boys they were!

Every Monday morning the little ones and I go to Briarwood to visit B then head to sewing group.  I let them sit in the front passenger seat while we drive from the Membership office to the Fellowship Hall.  They love it!  And I love seeing them together and enjoying their friendship!

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