Sam's last K5 field trip

Sam's last field trip with his fellow kindergarteners was this week. I brought Luke and Laney along for some fun at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Sam was so caught up in the scavenger hunt with two of his buddies that he kept running off. I quickly saw that me and the little ones would be walking around by ourselves. At least we were able to meet up with him afterwards. The mom who was running around with Sam, Alex, and Cole said he was perfect. (Wish we got that kind of behavior at home...)

Luke enjoyed hopping on the large bunny.

Laney enjoyed getting in to things she shouldn't, like the flowers.

She also enjoyed giving me a few looks.

On a side note, in case you're ever tempted to refer to more than one Canada goose as Canadian Geese, you would be wrong. They're Canada Geese, according to my stepdad and the nice folks at the Gardens. :)

Sam and Alex chilled out together while waiting for their snacks. Good times!

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