Helicopter Egg Drop

While Ron worked in the yard Saturday morning, I ventured up to Veteran's Park with the kids to meet my brother and his family for a little outing. Several churches in the area got together to throw a huge event with giveaways, inflatables, and an egg drop.

The kids hung in there while waiting for their chance at picking up some eggs. My SIL took this picture of Laney playing peek-a-boo with her bag.

It was hot out there, but we still got some cuddle time in...

So I mentioned the egg drop. It wasn't just any old drop, a helicopter was dropping 20,000 eggs. It was mass chaos. Hundreds of 3-6 year olds all running after eggs at the same time. I stayed with Laney and assumed Sam and Luke were together. After the eggs were all gone and the children started exiting the field I quickly realized I couldn't find the boys. Jennifer found Sam, but Luke was still missing. After screaming for him among the crowd, I heard my name over the loud speaker. "If there is a mom named Penny out there, Luke is looking for you. He's in the middle of the field." I finally reached him and threw my arms around him. He said "I went up to a grown up and said 'My mommy's name is Penny and my name is Luke and I can't find her.' " What a big boy! I was so proud of him.

After all this craziness, we made our trek back to our cars only to find that I had lost my keys in the crowd. I'm assuming my key fell out during one of the many times Laney pulled my phone out of my pocket. Thank goodness someone found them and turned them in. Needless to say, I'll stay far away from this event next year.

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