the kids... (picture overload)

Ron started feeling sick around 7:30 last night and is still nauseated and feverish. So when I woke up this morning and discovered I'd not only be taking care of the kids alone, but also trying to keep them quiet, I decided we wouldn't be staying around the house.

We left for Aldridge Gardens in hopes of spotting some birds, walking the trails, sniffing some flowers, and maybe even getting a few pictures. (I rarely take the time to get good shots of the kids)

First up is Sam. These captured him perfectly. He is often smiling big, but almost never lets me take a picture of it. I normally get him very solemn or barely smiling like in the pictures following.

Then there's Luke. He knows how to flirt already at such a young age. And he loves to squinch his nose up when he smiles.

Laney KILLS us with this smile. We love it! Her two top teeth barely poking over her bottom lip with her little chin dimples plumped up. Ron especially falls for her when she makes this face. She seemed to enjoy the camera this morning a little more than the boys.

They enjoyed standing by the lake and watching the ducks.

We went thru the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru and took it to eat at B and Pops' house. Pops has a tree that he's added 2x4's to...the kids love getting up there. They call it their treehouse.

Sam and Luke decided they needed bananas. That way they could pretend to be monkeys. They didn't have to pretend too hard. ☺

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Jennifer Banks said...

so cute penny! love you