vacation time

we made our way down to the beach this morning. it was luke and laney's first time to ever see a beach. shortly after we stepped on to the beach, laney was bending down to touch the sand.
it was so fun watching them experience it for the first time. it's pretty amazing! i'm not a beach person, but i appreciate the vastness of it.

i got a great picture of ron and the kids. a sweet lady took my camera and was about to take a family picture for us...

...but instead she took a picture of luke right after he fell into the water

laney has the most dainty little hands. i got a kick out of how she carried the sand in her hand so that she could throw it in the water.

we went back to the beach this afternoon and came across a gentleman finishing up an extravagant sandcastle.

laney fell in the water this afternoon. i guess that means tomorrow will be sam's turn. so after we stripped her down she enjoyed playing in the sand with only a diaper on.

sam dressed for the water, so he didn't mind getting a little wet.

we made it back to the resort, got baths, and laney got a little bit of snuggle time with pappy.

then the kids watched some of "america's funniest videos" before going to bed and cracked up! good stuff...

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